Hills Fencing provide commercial fence and gate repairs to Brisbane businesses, schools and properties. We aren’t just committed to manufacturing and installing fences, bollards and gates; we can touch-up and maintain any tired-looking fencing to leave it looking like new again. We’ve brought fences back to life for all kinds of commercial customers, including landlords looking to sell and schools looking to touch up rusty handrails. We’ll look for any other degrading components in your fencing and gates when we arrive to save you money in the long-term. Get in touch with us to organise a free quote on the refurbishment of your fence.

Some of the common fence repairs we perform for our clients:

  • Re-coat and protect any rails and fencing where the coating is starting to fade
  • Repair damaged fence posts and footings
  • Replace any components, such as hinges, brackets or crosses
  • Apply patch-up Chain Wire to save costs instead of replacing the entire section, or replace entire section if they’re looking a bit old and tattered
  • Damaged aluminium panels
  • Damaged gates and gate posts
  • Repair damaged locks

Visit our gallery to see some great before and after shots of commercial fences we have repaired throughout Brisbane.

Worn or damaged fencing can compromise the safety of your property and valuables

That worn-looking fencing may not need to be totally replaced. Very often, only a section of the fencing will require replacement, if any replacement at all is necessary. Just as often, the fencing you thought was corroded and needing replacement actually only has fading on the surface of it and needs to be re-coated to prevent further damage from the elements. In these situations, your fencing will last for many more years after being re-coated.

Knowing what fencing needs to be replaced and what fencing can be repaired can save you money. If you have some concerns about the structural integrity of your fencing, you should consider contacting Hills Fencing to seek our expert opinions whenever you’re faced with deciding on the choice of replacing or repairing worn or damaged fencing.

We are experts in determining the structural integrity of steel fencing, repairing it where we can and replacing it when necessary.

By calling Hills Fencing we can also provide you with a quotation that can be submitted to an insurance company when the damage to your fencing has been caused by a third party or other situation covered by insurance.

Commercial Fencing Repair Quotes and Pricing:

Get in touch with us and we’ll come out to look at your fencing, assess the need for repair or replacement and organise a free quote for any of our commercial fencing and gate repair services. Call 07 3208 9044.