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Manufacturers and installers of commercial colorbond, picket and chain wire gates & supplies with over 25 years’ experience, Hills Fencing have established ourselves as the premier choice for local Brisbane businesses who want security-enhancing gate solutions that stand the test of time. Our commercial and industrial chain wire gates are manufactured in-house to stringent quality-control standards, ensuring your gate will be operational for many years to come. Visit our gallery to see some examples of past commercial gates that we have installed.

Gates are a necessary part of the functionality of all fencing. However, they don’t need to be a weakness in the security of the entire fencing system. Your gates should never be seen as the ‘weak link’ in any of your fencing applications. All our chain wire gates are built to provide the same amount of security as the fencing they’re attached to.

Barbed wire or razor wire can easily be added to the top of chain wire gates that need to establish and present an added level of security and deterrence against trespassing.

Our Commercial Gates are Available with Swinging or Sliding Functionality

The latter being a common choice for industrial complexes wanting motorised gates. As sliding gates have more moving parts, we’ve over-engineered ours to ensure minimal maintenance and consistent, smooth operation. All gates can be fitted with locking mechanisms to discourage trespasses.

Our swinging gates are suitable for properties that have plenty of room on the exterior or interior of the fencing and don’t need to be opened many times a day. Swinging gates are often preferable when the need to move livestock from pen to pen is part of the application of the fencing. Swinging chain wire gates are also a consideration when you’re up against a tight budget as the costs of these types of gates is generally lower.

We can easily install a gate in a section of fencing where access was not required

We simply cut out a section of the fencing that corresponds to the width of the desired gate, install the gateposts along with the gate and then reconnect the existing fencing to the gateposts.

We custom create the gates to match your existing fencing so your new gate looks as though it was installed along with the original fencing.

The choice between Chain Wire, Picket, and ColorBond gates are all available to be built to fit any space, and to almost any height. Our customers, such as builders and DIY’ers, who would like to install gates themselves, we can manufacture off building plan specifications, with delivery available for installation. Get in touch with us to discuss having one of our tailor-made gates fitted to your business or property – call 07 3208 9044.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automated/electric/solar if desired
  • Double and single combination
  • Swing and slide options
  • Various designs and colour options
  • Aluminium slats and tubular
  • Provides security to your property
  • Custom made

Fire Exit Gates

If a fire should occur on your property and occupants can’t leave your property without going through a gate, a fire exit gate will be necessary to keep everyone safe. Our fire exit gates can be made to the same specifications as our standard gates, with the exception that they are fitted with a lever on one side and a lock on the other.  Maintaining security whilst ensuring the safety of occupants.

All doors on escape routes leading towards a final exit should be quick and easy to open without the need for a key. In most situations this is the case; for instance, you simply operate the door handle of the door leading from an office and pass through. However, the final exit door of a building frequently presents problems because this type of door requires a higher degree of security while still having to be to be opened easily from within.

Free Measure and Quote:

Free measures and quotes are available for all our commercial customers. Call 07 3208 9044 to book yours today.


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