Hills Fencing have been providing local businesses, landlords and schools with quality chainwire fencing solutions for over 25 years. We manufacture all our chainwire fences and gates in-house, ensuring that we only install chainwire fences that we’re confident enough to put our name on. All our products come with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty, which means that if a fault occurs as a result of our workmanship or installation procedures, we’ll have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Give us a call or send an email if you’d like us to install new fencing on your property or construction site.


Some of the other applications include tennis courts, insured and bonded areas in distribution warehouses, exterior cages holding storage tanks, vehicles or valuable equipment, pet and livestock kennels and pens, golf driving ranges and temporary construction fencing.

Municipalities, local governments, contractors and commercial operations are just some of our regular customers. We are well-versed in working with our customers in preparing a quotation off of plans. All we need to know is the specific type of our several varieties of the chainwire fencing we manufacture, the number and width of the gates, the desired height of the fencing and any special features. We will then work out the material and installation costs of the fencing and supply the customer with a rock-solid quotation they can then use in budget planning. Once we have issued a quotation, there will no further surprises.

Chainwire Fencing Manufacture Options

Chainwire fencing is available in almost any size, as we manufacture our fences in-house. We offer chain wire, picket and ColorBond fencing to suit the different needs of our customers. As specialists in commercial chainwire fencing, we understand the needs of our customers and manufacture to suit; we can even provide quotes for builders that supply us with a plan.

Chain Wire Fencing is a common choice for industrial and sporting applications

Chain wire fencing is our cost efficient option and requires minimal maintenance. Chain wire can also blend in with its surroundings much better than other metal fences. Our chain wire is made with galvanised steel, available unfinished or with black or green coatings.

Chain wire fencing can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Sporting fields and tennis court fencing
  • Prison fencing
  • Industrial / Warehouse fencing
  • Bike storage

Barbed wire can be installed on the top of the fence to further deter trespassing.

Free Measure and Quote for Commercial Chainwire Fencing

We provide a free measure and quote service for all our commercial fencing customers. Call 07 3208 9044 to book yours.

If you have an existing structure or area that requires fencing, simply give us a call or send us an email. We’ll come out to your property, take a series of measurements and provide you with a quotation that includes the fencing of your choice, all gates and special features, along with the materials and installation costs.